May 9 • 51M

Introducing...The Odd Podcast!

A *mostly illustration related* podcast that will fly to you every once in a while.

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This is an "every once in a while" podcast. It's primarily illustration discussion focused, but will touch on other parts of life and goings on as well. Sometimes there will be a guest and sometimes it will just be me doing AMA episodes.
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Introducing…dun dunna dun…The Odd Podcast!

I use the word “podcast” lightly here—I don’t know what this thing is. Is it episodic? maybe. Will it have some structure or theme? also maybe. Will I continue posting anyway because I’m learning to be more of a “do” person and less of a “think” person? Absolutely.

In this first “episode?” my friend and fellow illustrator Vivien Mildenberger joins in to talk about “Style”. ooooooohhhhh….aahhhhhh..styyyllleeeee. The topic that’s constantly poked at us over and over and over—What is style? Why do we want it? And how do we get it?

Let us in your ears while you go about your work and life, and leave some Q’s in comments if ya got ‘em.

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The pod artwork is a collaboration. Left duck: me - Right bird: Viv <3
(see how different our shapes are?! That will make more sense after you listen ;)